1-80 Brule to Ogallala


1-80 Brule to Ogallala


Nebraska Department of Transportation


Keith County, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer provided roadway design and right-of-way survey for the Brule to Ogallala Interstate reconstruction project that will rebuild 10.16 miles of I-80 between Brule and Ogallala. A new eastbound safety rest area was studied and will be located at MM 123+00 along I-80 to replace the existing rest area west of Ogallala. Current plans for reconstruction of the interstate and rest area parking/circulation roadways will be coordinated with facilities construction during the second year of interstate reconstruction. Wetlands, floodplain limits, ground water quality and location, historical sites and major constraints, such as feedlots, bridges, future interchange locations, were all part of the selection criteria for the safety rest area site, which Schemmer’s transportation group completed with NDOT Roadway Design input.