33rd and Cornhusker PEL Study


33rd and Cornhusker PEL Study


The Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD)


Lincoln, Nebraska

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Schemmer was hired by The Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD) to help to reduce vehicle and train conflict at two intersections – 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway and 35th and Adams streets. Schemmer, Felsburg Holt & Ullevig (FHU) and City Engineers completed a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study to identify and evaluate potential transportation improvements in the north portion of Lincoln, with specific attention along the rail corridor between N. 27th and N. 48th streets. The improvements were intended to improve safety along the rail corridor by eliminating or reducing the potential conflict points between trains and other transportation modes (motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists), as well as reduce delay time to improve mobility and congestion. It also aimed to improve multi-modal connectivity in north Lincoln for vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and bus transit.

Four alternatives were presented at a public open house. Some involved overpasses, some underpasses, and some- no change at all. The RTSD board reviewed and supported the final study report with a unanimous vote in June 2016.