Yankee Hill Road 36″ Water Main


Yankee Hill Road 36″ Water Main


City of Lincoln


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer completed preliminary and final design of the two miles of 36-inch water main in Yankee Hill Road from S. 56th Street to S. 84th Street in Lincoln. The alignment was chosen to incorporate not only the existing ground elevations but also a future four-lane urban roadway that would involve significant changes to the existing roadway vertical profile. These profile changes required the water main to be up to 30 feet deep at times. A geotechnical investigation of the two-mile alignment was completed to determined soil parameters for excavation, backfilling over the pipe, stability of excavations, potential groundwater issues, potential for ground settlement and soil support of pipe joints against water pressures. The project also involved designing three cased bore locations under existing roads. Approximately 1,000 feet of rural water main were relocated during construction.