Children’s Square U.S.A. Academic Center Renovation and Addition


Children's Square U.S.A. Academic Center Addition and Renovation


Children's Square U.S.A.


Council Bluffs, Iowa

Project Details

Schemmer designed the renovation, remodel and addition to the Academic Center building at Children’s Square U.S.A. in Council Bluffs. This facility houses the Children’s Square educational program for first through twelfth grades, serving children with severe emotional and behavioral needs.

The early 20th-Century structure received a complete interior makeover, new mechanical and electrical systems, the addition of an automatic sprinkler system and various ADA improvements including the addition of an elevator. New windows were sized to meet the original masonry openings and reflect the building’s architectural character. Select mortar joint areas were repointed with new mortar to match existing mortar’s color and texture. Cast stone sills were cleaned and mortar joints repointed.

Exterior improvements to the original building included masonry tuckpointing, new roofing and windows, and overall upgrades to the thermal envelope.