City of Waverly Street Reconstruction Projects


City of Waverly Street Reconstruction Projects


City of Waverly


Waverly, Nebraska

Project Details

The City of Waverly has contracted with Schemmer to complete design services and construction administration activities for the City of Waverly for their 2018 and 2019 construction year packages. The capital street improvements constructed in 2018 were centered on street projects located south of Highway 6. These projects included full reconstruction of Amberly Road and Folkestone Street as well as a mill and overlay project for 143rd Street. The cost estimate for this project package was $2.1 million.

The 2019 Construction year package is comprised of projects located north of Highway 6. These projects include construction of a full-depth concrete pavement section for Mansfield Street, full-depth concrete street return for Oldfield Street and pedestrian trail improvements near Lawson Park, as well as ADA ramp construction for downtown Waverly. The cost estimate for these improvements is $600 K.

This contract includes the following engineering services; alternative analysis, public involvement, urban storm sewer design, ADA standard pedestrian facility design, geometric design, joints and grades, utility coordination, final plan preparation, contract specifications, cost estimating, construction administration, material testing and construction staking. Throughout this design and construction process, the project manager has continued to communicate project updates with decision makers for the City of Waverly. This proactive communication approach has led to a number of supplemental services added to our original contract and the intention to contract with us for the final design of 148th Street.