Concrete Supply


Concrete Supply


Ready Mix Properties


Gretna, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer was engaged by Concrete Supply to provide facility design services for their new Gretna plant. The plant was designed to replace and expand an existing plant located at another site. Given the nature of the operations, extensive coordination was required with the equipment suppliers and the Owner. In addition to the main tower, which houses the material bins and mixers, the project included the following spaces: an underground concrete structure housing the feed conveyor with integral aggregate hoppers, dispatch building with employee welfare spaces and a vehicle maintenance area. The facilities were designed to utilize pre-engineered metal buildings. A conventional steel support mezzanine was designed in the tower for support of products. Our team also provided design services for the main conveyor structure and supports.

Schemmer provided architectural; structural, mechanical and electrical engineering; and materials testing/special inspections.