Lancaster County D-88 Bridge Replacement


D-88 Bridge Replacement


Lancaster County


Agnew, NE

Project Details

Schemmer provided the Preliminary Engineering and Final Design for the replacement of the D-88 Bridge in Lancaster County.

The previous 120 foot 3-span concrete slab bridge was routinely threatened with scour damage from large storm events.  Schemmer worked closely with Lancaster County to understand the problems this bridge was facing and the solutions the County wanted to achieve.

During Preliminary Engineering, our Geotechnical Engineers studied the stability of the channel banks helping us determine what was needed to stabilize the banks and avoid potential erosion and bank sloughing well into the future.  This engineering led to the design of a 211 foot 5-span concrete slab bridge.

During final design, we provided Lancaster County with advance options that saved time and money.  The structure was completed within schedule and is now a structure the County does not need to worry about for years to come.