Darling Ingredients


Darling Ingredients


Darling International


Wahoo and Omaha, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer has partnered with Darling Ingredients for a variety of projects over the past five years at both their Wahoo and Omaha locations. The projects entail 10 new buildings, one building addition and one major building renovation. The new buildings contain a variety of facilities for their operations including rendering, grinding, storage and loadout (both truck and rail). In addition to the buildings for operations, Schemmer also designed new support buildings that include a vehicle maintenance facility and a truck/trailer wash.

The rendering facilities were designed utilizing load bearing precast concrete supported on an auger cast pile foundation. Our design incorporated support for all the equipment, tanks and ovens including foundations, slabs and structure supports. Employee welfare spaces for offices, break rooms and restrooms were included in the design.

The remaining facilities were designed to utilize pre-engineered metal buildings. Each building was designed specific to that facilities required function. Interior catwalks and equipment supports were coordinated with the building design to improve the overall efficiency and ensure full function of the facility.

The major building renovation involved an existing building that had partially failed due to excessive snow loads. We reviewed the existing building and provided construction documents that were used to strengthen and rebuild the structure.

In addition to the buildings, we provided design services for silo foundations, a fire tank foundation and associated pump house, and truck scales with guard houses.

Services provided by Schemmer include architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering; surveying; geotechnical; and materials testing/special inspections.