Dermatology Associates of Lincoln


Dermatology Associates of Lincoln


Dermatology Associates of Lincoln


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

The Dermatology Associates of Lincoln engaged Schemmer to design a new facility for their medical practice. The client challenged us to consider our rural Nebraska roots and as a team, we introduced the concept of energy optimization, energy savings and sustainability. The design borrows formal cues found on the family farm and simple rural structures. The final spatial arrangement capitalizes on daylight balancing, modest use of glazing, efficient medical adjacencies for staff and providers, and allows for various types of medical delivery.

Additionally, the building is an energy producer. By installing low energy use LED lighting, daylight monitoring and active photovoltaic panels to harness energy on-site, the building is close to net-zero. Schemmer and SWT Energy, designed and installed 2,500 kilowatts of active solar panels on the south-facing roof. The building features 80 photovoltaic solar panels rated for 110 mph and are the most efficient models found in the region. The solar panels run mainly on solar energy and are connected to Lincoln’s electrical grid. When it produces more energy than it is consuming it sends that energy back into the grid, thus giving it back to the City of Lincoln.