Elkhorn River Trail


Elkhorn River Trail


City of Norfolk


Norfolk, Nebraska

Project Details

The Elkhorn River Trail is a new, 10-foot-wide, one-mile long, concrete trail for bicycle and pedestrian use in Norfolk, NE. This trail serves as an extension to the Cowboy Trail. It begins in Ta-Ha-Zouka Park at 13th Street (U.S. Highway 81), which was the east terminus of the Cowboy Trail, and extends eastward through the park to the west side of 1st Street. The trail route is in the southern portion of Ta-Ha-Zouka Park and along the northern side of the Elkhorn River. The project was funded with Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds administered through NDOR. This trail was constructed within the existing city property, primarily along an unimproved route currently used by park maintenance vehicles. The improvements on this project consisted of concrete pavement for a six-inch-thick, 10-foot trail; a pedestrian bridge, about 100 feet long, over Corporation Gulch; and a 20-stall parking area near 1st Street.