Groundscapes Office and Warehouse


Groundscapes Office and Warehouse


Groundscapes Inc.


Valley, Nebraska

Project Details

Groundscapes corporate offices and warehouse is just over 40,000 SF located south of North 261st Circle in Valley, Nebraska. For a business that thrives on outdoor aesthetics, Schemmer determined it was crucial to pay attention to the exterior facades, along with the interior. To enhance this design, blending the interior and exterior with plenty of glass and natural lighting is ideal, along with wrapping the exterior stone into the interior to create fluidity. The use of branding colors and linear design elements helps highlight the focal points of the building by drawing the eye from exterior to interior. Keeping with this contemporary aesthetic, specific interior design elements for the 10,000 SF showroom and corporate office were chosen to enhance the spaces within; for example, the choice of acoustical clouds was to focus the spaces without completely enclosing the room. The site was designed to accommodate parking for Groundscapes’ vehicle fleet and a fueling area. An area for bulk storage and sales was included along with exterior scenes showcasing Groundscapes’ ability to design and execute beautiful outdoor rooms.