Highway 91 Snyder East


Highway 91 Snyder East


Nebraska Department of Transportation


Snyder, NE

Project Details

Schemmer worked with the Nebraska Department of Transportation on the Snyder East Project. This project focused on a 4.34 mile stretch of Highway 91 between Snyder, NE and the junction of Highway 275.

The design for improvements of this corridor included milling and resurfacing the roadway with asphalt in the urban area with a grade raise. A section of the roadway kept the existing concrete surface and was overlaid with asphalt with a grade raise.

Schemmer also designed improvements to a bridge that runs over the Pebble Creek on Highway 91. The bridge work included an epoxy overlay of the deck, replacement of the expansion joints, and sealing the concrete rails.

Other components of the design included extending culverts, replacing guardrails, erosion control analysis, and ADA curb ramps.