Lancaster County W-164 and W-174 Bridge Replacements


Lancaster County W-164 and W-174 Bridge Replacements


Lancaster County


Lancaster County, Nebraska

Project Details

Lancaster County had a group of bridge structures that were deficient to the point of closure. The County saw value in having four of the sites designed by one engineering firm. Schemmer was selected to provide these services. The bundling of the designs led to lower fees and greatly shortened the design schedule.

In all locations, Schemmer was able to replace the existing bridge with a large reinforced concrete box culvert. These culverts are estimated to be constructed at a far lower cost than single-span bridges.

Site W-164 had nearby development and sensitive land that gave rise to using 2D hydraulic analysis. This higher level of analysis gave the owner a clear view of where the water would rise at different storm events: Q25, Q50, Q100, etc. From this data, we were able to design a culvert that passed the highest storm event while not impacting the nearby property. This same level of hydraulic analysis will be needed on both of the Sarpy County sites to avoid conflict with established homes.