Lincoln South Beltway


Lincoln South Beltway


Nebraska Department of Transportation


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer is teamed with Alfred Benesch & Associates for the Lincoln South Beltway project. It is a new 11-mile segment of freeway along the southern perimeter of the City of Lincoln, Neb. connecting U.S. Highway 77 to Nebraska Highway N-2. The South Beltway is a component of a long-planned circumferential beltway around the metropolitan area. The western and northern portions of the beltway are currently operational as US-77 and Interstate 80, respectively, and the planned South and East Beltways would complete the perimeter loop around Lincoln. Combined, the four links define the outer boundaries of Lincoln’s transportation network and are important to the function of a future beltway around the City. Each individual link also serves the independent purpose of providing east-west and north-south connections around Lincoln and supporting travel needs for emerging residential and commercial development along the City’s periphery.

Schemmer is responsible for approximately 40 percent of the engineering portions of the Beltway; to include roadway design, bridge design, drainage design, hydrology and hydraulics analysis, and traffic analysis, for the proposed freeway. Schemmer is also contributing to the environmental documentation and public involvement activities in a supporting role.