Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility Clarifier Piping Rehabilitation


Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility Clarifier Piping Rehabilitation


City of Omaha


Omaha, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer was retained by the City of Omaha to provide engineering services for the Primary Clarifiers Piping Rehabilitation project, a challenging maintenance project completed by the City to continue the level of service provided by the Missouri River Water Resource Recovery Facility. The project included lining of underground channels that carry wastewater from the Primary Clarifiers to the next step of the treatment process. These channels were originally constructed in the 1960’s and had experienced significant degradation due to age and use.

Schemmer took a non-traditional approach to the project, beginning with a technical memo and cost analysis to determine the most effective and cost-efficient solution. After quickly eliminating full replacement, a variety of feasible rehabilitation options were analyzed against the constraints of the project, resulting in recommendations to the City for approval.

Ultimately, a structural mortar lining was constructed within the channels. This solution was a cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing the channels and was well-suited to overcome the obstacles posed by this unique and challenging undertaking. The lining used for this project is a next-generation concrete, more resilient to the harsh conditions posed by wastewater than standard concrete piping.