N-11 Atkinson to Brush Creek


N-11 Atkinson to Brush Creek


Nebraska Department of Transportation


Atkinson, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer provided topographic survey and highway design of 14.43 miles of roadway between Atkinson and Brush Creek for this 3R (Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation) project. The scope of work for this project included project management, development of preliminary and final design plan packages, environmental review coordination, data collection and review, roadway design, horizontal curve analysis, lateral obstacle clear zone analysis, erosion control curb analysis, horizontal/vertical alignment, typical cross sections, erosion control, earthwork, drives and intersections, sidewalks and mailbox turnouts. Pavement rehabilitation strategies include milling and overlay with grade raise, trench widening, new surfaced shoulder for erosion control curb. The project also included a channel stabilization plan at Brush Creek to protect a bridge pier within a bank failure area.

Schemmer's design efforts included bridge repair consisting of epoxy polymer overlay end of paving to end of paving, concrete repairs to open rail posts, concrete repairs to underside of deck edge, seal concrete bridge rails and erosion repairs.