Nebraska National Guard Camp Ashland Parade Ground Improvements


Nebraska National Guard Camp Ashland Parade Ground Improvements


Nebraska Army National Guard


Ashland, Nebraska

Project Details

The Camp Ashland Parade Ground is the future location for a number of ceremonial events for National Guard Staff. A series of concurrent projects by Schemmer are designed to beautify the main road into the site, increase security at the entrance, effectively address and manage stormwater concerns throughout the camp and design a grandstand for the parade ground for observation and storage. Materials found on a recent entry marker project will be incorporated, allowing for a holistic and overarching design theme to begin to develop for the camp.

The design of the Grandstand Structure, while providing for the essential ceremonial functions associated with it, lends itself to becoming a strikingly bold and iconic gesture prominently situated along the newly renovated boulevard. Stone-clad walls and piers flank the formal entry ramps, framing both the entry plaza at the front and the elevated stage at the rear. The broad roof plane gently floats above the entire facility, rising up from the piers as if readying itself for flight.

Future plans for the site include expanding parking lots for increased parking and refurbishing the existing boxing ring to serve as a gathering space for conventions.