Omaha Business Park


Omaha Business Park


Quadrelle Realty Services


Omaha, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer was selected as a repeat consultant to initially perform a Code Review of the main three-story office building and a test fit for a tenant fit-out on the second floor, involving about 62,000 SF of office space. An additional 6,600 SF on the first floor was planned to be incorporated in the overflow functions of the client. Following a favorable submittal of the code review and test fit-out, Schemmer proceeded with the development of the construction documents for bidding.

The bid package was broken into a tenant fit-out package and a landlord improvement package, which included replacement of a passenger elevator to meet the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act standards for bathrooms and stairwells. Modifications included five-stair towers for guardrails and handrails to comply with the building code; and modernization of four toilet facilities on the second floor for ADA accessibility.

The tenant fit-out package provided space for about 300 cubicles and numerous management offices and support functions.