OPS Gilder Elementary School


Gilder Elementary School Renovation, Addition and Indoor Air Quality


Omaha Public School


Bellevue, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer is providing design services to Omaha Public Schools for the Gilder Elementary School Renovation, Addition and Indoor Air Quality. The project includes adding six early childhood and six elementary classrooms. In addition, the school will benefit from site upgrades to the parent and bus drop-off/pick-up areas, ADA improvements, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, carpet, paint, security, safe area, central air conditioning to the entire
facility, fire sprinkler and intercom systems.

Water source heat pumps will be installed to provide approximately 1,670 MBH heating and 130 ton cooling throughout the building. A closet at each classroom/zone was constructed to provide corridor access at standing level to maintain the heat pumps. The project includes eight vertical (3 ton), closet mounted units, eight horizontal (3 ton) units, suspended above ceilings, 18 packaged heat pumps, two rooftop (10 ton) units for the gymnasium and one rooftop (10 ton) unit for the kitchen. Students will occupy the building during construction so that it can be completed for school in the fall of 2018. The scope of work includes a partial roof replacement. The project is projected to cost $9.5 million.