Parkway Plaza


Parkway Plaza


BD Construction, Inc. and Renee Mueller of kwELITE, Keller Williams Real Estate


Columbus, Nebraska

Project Details

Parkway Plaza in Columbus, Nebraska is owned by Renee Mueller of kwELITE, Keller Williams Real Estate and partner Jeff Thiele. Schemmer partnered with Renee and BD Construction to provide Design Phase Services for the project. The project is a 12,550 SF (7,350 first floor and 5,200 second floor), new wood construction, multi-tenant, two story building.

The Parkway Plaza is a mixed use building with the intent of housing businesses that support one another in order to drive more traffic. The design of the exterior includes veneered finishes of stacked stone, stucco, copper metal roofs and heavy timber accents which are assembled to provide a rustic yet modern aesthetic. The interior of the kwELITE, Keller Williams Real Estate space is comprised of neutral color selections with distressed wood and clean lines. Local small business were involved in many of the custom pieces for the interior.

Schemmer’s design scope was limited to the architecture and engineering of the building's core and shell. Schemmer also provided architecture and engineering design of the kwELITE space. The interior finishes were selected by Mueller.