Perrigo Distribution Center


Perrigo Distribution Center


Midwest Construction Services


La Vista, Nebraska

Project Details

Perrigo’s new 350,000 SF distribution center is located in La Vista, Nebraska. The 40-acre site was engineered with an innovative subsoil system that included Wick Drains with surcharge to allow the thick new fill to compress the subsoils within the short site preparation schedule. The facility was designed using a combination of structural systems. The goal of the structure was to provide a cost-efficient solution while maintaining open areas with acceptable building heights, minimizing columns and coordinating the building structure with the end-users storage, material handling and automation systems. Schemmer’s full-service architecture, engineering, planning and construction field services were fully taken advantage of on the project. Services included site assessment, topographic surveys, geotechnical engineering, site civil engineering, architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, platting, construction staking, subsoil consolidation monitoring, special inspections and construction materials testing.