Pine Lake Road Improvements


Pine Lake Road from Nebraska Highway 2 to 70th Street


City of Lincoln


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

The Pine Lake Road Improvements include four lanes, turn lanes and raised median. The 1.5 mile paved urban roadway project includes a new box culvert for Beal Slough, the primary drainage-way in south Lincoln. Schemmer conducted a complete hydrology and hydraulic study to determine the appropriate size of the new structure. The new structure includes an extension of the existing twin 12-foot by 12-foot box culvert and added a third cell to the box culvert to provide additional hydraulic capacity, as well as function as a hike/bike trail under-crossing. Erosion control on this project is critical due to its location to a major creek and adjacency to an area of wetlands, requiring appropriate measures to protect this delicate environment. Services included survey, traffic study, roadway design and public involvement.