Regal Tower Water Heater and Boiler Stack


Regal Tower Water Heater and Boiler Stack


Municipal Housing Agency of Council Bluffs


Council Bluffs, Iowa

Project Details

Regal Tower is an eight-story, 210-unit public housing complex. A preliminary study was conducted to investigate operating deficiencies and recommend solutions for the building’s central plant, consisting of two domestic water heaters and three hydronic heating system boilers. Construction documents were then prepared to provide new separated, through-wall water heater venting, new gas piping and regulators, resynchronize the equipment controls, and replace chilled water zone isolation valves at 64, one-bedroom apartments. The entire cooling system loop was drained, tested for correct glycol mixture, and refilled to the correct specifications. The project was executed in two phases coordinated with the appropriate heating or cooling season so no resident comfort disruptions would occur.