Rohwer Elementary School


Rohwer Elementary School


Millard Public Schools


Omaha, Nebraska

Project Details

Rohwer Elementary was one of four new three-unit, K-5 elementary schools that are approximately 60,870 SF each, house 450 to 550 students and have similar floor plans and building systems. The plans were developed to be site-adapted to tight and severely sloping sites. The facilities include two wings; an academic wing and a multi-purpose/music wing. The academic wing is two stories high with each floor having an “on-grade” entrance/exit due to the sloping sites. The upper floor houses the administrative offices, grades K-2 classrooms and two special purpose classrooms. The lower level includes the Media Center, grades 3-5 classrooms and two special purpose classrooms. Each floor has a student services core that contains specialized classrooms for large group science, art activities and small group studies. The multi-purpose wing includes a gymnasium that doubles as a cafeteria, kitchen, platform/stage used for music and music classrooms. The gymnasium was structured to be a storm shelter resisting winds of 200 mph.