R&R Commerce Park Warehouses


R&R Commerce Park Warehouse


R&R Realty Group


Omaha, Nebraska

Project Details

Schemmer was retained by R&R Realty Group to provide design services for four, 250,000 SF core and shell warehouse buildings with a 32-foot clear interior height and 50-foot column bay spacing. They include space for office, manufacturing and warehousing. The building construction is exterior load bearing insulated precast panels with a structural steel girder roof system. They feature a modern facade design with 28-foot signature curtain wall glazed-glass entrances and dock areas at the rear.

Warehouse I was completed in 2018, Warehouse II was completed in 2020, Warehouse III was completed in 2021 and Warehouse IV is set to be complete in 2022. Schemmer provided architecture, engineering and construction administration services for all four warehouses.