Salt Creek Bank Stabilization


Salt Creek Bank Stabilization


Lower Platte South Natural Resources District


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

The Old Cheney Road Bridge and the West Pioneers Boulevard Bridge over the Salt Creek both required bank stabilization. As a subconsultant to Intuition & Logic, Schemmer provided geotechnical engineering, surveying, prepared easement documents and construction inspection services.

Our geotechnical engineers conducted slope stability studies leading to the recommendation of grade control and stilling basin with associated bank revetment be constructed to prevent further erosion, thereby protecting the bridge piers and channel. Our field professionals provided construction oversight to ensure the future protection of the channel and bridge was installed as designed. The project is located in the Salt Valley Corridor and within Wilderness Park. Consideration during design and construction was provided to minimize disturbance to these special areas and reduce impacts to water quality to the greatest extent practical.