SH-10 Over Little Green Leaf Creek


SH-10 Over Little Green Leaf Creek Bridge Replacement


Oklahoma Department of Transportation


Muskogee County, OK

Project Details

Schemmer provided preliminary and final design services for the replacement of the SH-10 bridge over Little Green Leaf Creek and approximately one mile of roadway reconstruction. This will be a three- or four-span structure with five beams and approximately 250 feet in length. Roadway will be constructed on a new causeway on an offset alignment requiring new fill to be placed in the channel. Special fill material will be investigated for placement by Schemmer's geotechnical partner Terracon. The existing normal water surface elevation is approximately one foot below the low structure elevation. The profile of the roadway and bridge will be investigated to potentially raise the profile three to five feet, to allow some height for small water craft to pass under the new bridge. The projects is estimated to be completed in 2019.