The Crib


The Crib


40 Fathoms, LLC


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

The Crib is a 20-unit, 16,800 SF, urban micro-housing concept with a mix of studio (375 SF) and one bedroom (500 SF) apartments located in Lincoln, Nebraska. All units are market rate and will help alleviate a critical shortage of efficient and affordable housing options.

As an urban infill project, balconies provide direct connection to the exterior, while a roof patio promotes social interaction and healthy food production on-site for residents. By elevating the program, existing on-grade parking is preserved along with a mixed-use 1980s building to the south; all on a parcel smaller than the average single-family lot.

Structurally, cross laminated timber (CLT) rests on a steel and concrete frame. CLT acts as a carbon sink, provides a natural material connection, and an acoustic separation for spaces. An east concrete wall defines the only zero-property line and is punctuated with an array of solid glass cubes to provide a lens for natural light distribution with the circulation spine.

Reused surplus weathering steel piping acts as strategic fa├žade shading, cladding and structural elements. Photovoltaics provide up to 50 percent renewable energy and simultaneously provide shade on the roof deck.