U.S. 6 Over Four Mile Creek


U.S. 6 Over Four Mile Creek


Iowa Department of Transportation


Polk County, Iowa

Project Details

The project consists of final bridge and roadway design, and limited construction phase services for a replacement structure on U.S. 6 over Four Mile Creek. The structure consists of a three-span 214 foot by 66 foot PPCB bridge. Integral abutments founded on steel H-piling, and T-piers founded on bedrock were designed for the substructure elements. Standard IDOT Bulb Tee B Beams with an eight-inch cast-in-place concrete slab were designed for the superstructure elements. The project included special aesthetic details consisting of a unique pedestrian railing and pier and abutment treatments with surface texturing. The roadway design consisted of new approach slabs, ADA ramp upgrades and trail design.