U.S. 71 Okoboji Pavement Replacement


U.S. 71 Okoboji Pavement Replacement


Iowa Department of Transportation


Okoboji, Iowa

Project Details

The project includes replacing 2.55 miles of pavement from the south leg of the intersection of S. Okoboji Grove Road South and Okoboji Avenue and ends at the south leg of the intersection of East View Avenue and Okoboji Avenue. It begins with a four-lane urban typical section. This typical section provides two 12-foot inside lanes and two 14.5-foot outside lanes including curb and gutter units. This south section begins at Okoboji Grove Road and transitions from a four-lane to a three-lane section between Lake Street and Dam Road. The three-lane section consists of two outside 12.5-foot lanes and a center 12-foot lane. The three-lane section continues to just south of Stakeout Road (178th Street) where the five-lane section begins. The five-lane section continues to the end of the project at East View Avenue in Okoboji. The five-lane section provides an 18-foot center turn lane, two 12-foot inside lanes and two 14-foot outside lanes. Many of the existing sidewalks will be replaced as they do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. The new sidewalk width will be increased from four to five feet where practical. The Great Lakes Spine Trail, which is part of the sidewalk system and currently 10 feet wide, will also be increased in width and replaced. The project will be constructed in phases with time restrictions from May to September due to seasonal tourism. The project includes an extensive public involvement phase to work with landowners, stakeholders and City of Okoboji and Arnolds Park.