Vacek Family Dentistry Office Renovation and Addition


Vacek Family Dentistry Office Renovation and Addition


Vacek Family Dentistry


Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Details

Vacek Family Dentistry engaged Schemmer to redesign the flow and program of their existing dental clinic to accommodate a 2,000 SF addition. Our design goal reconceived the building as a cohesive material pallet removing the original failing fa├žade elements. Board and batten siding with accents of IPE wood redefine the exterior. Daylight is enhanced and controlled for access to exterior views and natural light. A newly framed south facing roof supports 14.4 kilowatts of active solar panels with room for expansion to 25 kilowatts. The solar array reduces the building power by approximately 50% and powers two tesla charging stations. When the building produces more energy than it consumes, energy is sent back into the grid, giving payback to the owner.

The Vacek Family Dentistry office addition incorporates three hygiene rooms, a large procedure room, sterilization, lab, reception and conference room. Modifications were made to the site that included more functional parking, retaining walls and new landscaping.