Waverly Road


Waverly Road


City of Seward


Seward, Nebraska

Project Details

The City of Seward contracted Schemmer to prepare plans for the reconstruction of Waverly Road from Highway 15 to the Plum Creek Bridge. Previously, Waverly Road consisted of a two-lane section with roadside ditches and a turf shoulder, portions of which were failing and in need of repair. The road was rebuilt as a three-lane section with a curb and gutter system and a sidewalk on the north side of the road. This reconstruction project coordinated with the Seward Trail project, also being designed by Schemmer using federal funds. Coordination with Seward Elementary and housing developers was an essential aspect of the design and construction as the road work needed to take place when school was not in session and the housing developments planned for the north side of Waverly Road had to identify access points and limit the number of driveways.