Project Spotlight – Progress at 40th and Rokeby in Lincoln, NE

Progress at 40th and Rokeby in Lincoln, NE

The city of Lincoln, NE contracted Schemmer to design the plans for the reconstruction and widening of S. 40th Street from Rokeby Road to Yankee Hill Road.


The project is split into two phases to accommodate development and access for adjacent property owners in the area. Phase 1 is nearly complete, and Phase 2 is expected to start soon.

Phase 1

This phase of the project includes intersection, roadway, and watermain improvements. The project started with a focus on the intersection of S. 40th St and Rokeby Road. This intersection now has a single-lane roundabout which can be expanded into a multi-lane roundabout as needed for future increases in traffic volume.

Rokeby Road was also extended for approximately .25 miles east of S. 40th St. This part of the project includes a 16" watermain that provides a looped watermain system to the adjacent development.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will focus more on S. 40th Street and includes additional improvements to the intersections and roadway and runs for approximately .75 miles north to Yankee Hill Road. This phase of the project includes the construction of several culverts and one bridge. A trail undercrossing is also included to provide future trail connectivity for the neighborhood without the need to cross S. 40th St traffic.

A floodplain analysis was conducted in this area and resulted in the design of three multi-cell box culverts and one three-span slab bridge in order to adhere to floodplain regulations.



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