Protecting Your Greatest Investment | by: Schemmer Structural Engineer, Jason Heinze, P.E., S.E., LEED AP

A building is a large investment. An owner must to be confident that the costs are justified and that they will get an adequate return on their investment. To varying degrees, the same holds true for any investment, whether it’s a building or equipment, software or supplies. A certain process is used to determine the cost and value of those items, then a decision is made to invest or not.

When planning for a new building, an owner might ask questions like:

  • What am I using the building for?
  • What is the budget for this project?
  • When do I need the building to be completed?
  • Where should the building be located?
  • Who will use the building once it is built?

When companies make the investment to build, they will strive to protect that building. As the investment grows, so will the necessary protection of that investment. The protection for a building could include a high tech security or sprinkler system. While something like servers can be protected by additional cooling and special fire suppression systems. Servers can also be remotely located in another building to be further protected. When it comes to people, however, the most important question for owners becomes, “How can I protect the employees that will occupy the finished building?”

The safety of the employees that occupy a building is the greatest investment owners can make. One way to provide safety to employees is by providing them a storm shelter, somewhere safe to go when bad weather hits.  This is especially relevant this time of year as we are just entering the tornado season.

At Schemmer, our engineers and architects are able to incorporate a storm shelter into the design of a building. Don’t hesitate to contact our Schemmer experts to learn more about including storm shelters in your next construction project.