Reality Capture & 3D Scanning, Your Partners for Your Next Project

When you think about how far technology has come over the last decade, it’s pretty amazing. It might be natural to think that something that can scan your building and provide a 3D model is make-believe or out of your price range. However, this technology is ready for everyday use in a variety of applications. In the past few years, technology has made dramatic increases in performance and ease of use and has had a sharp decrease in price.

Reality Capture & 3D Scanning, Your Partners for Your Next Project

Today, all projects should consider adopting reality capture throughout the lifecycle of a building. The workflow is not limited to any specific professional area and it can be used by planners, engineers, owners and contractors.

What is Reality Capture?

What is Reality Capture?

Reality Capture is the digitalization of a built environment. This can be at any milestone during the design or construction process. Point clouds are 3D models stitched together in a process called registration. Cameras and/or laser scanners are used to capture this built environment. Accuracy is determined by the device used to capture and the software used to register it into a point cloud.

What is 3D Scanning?

What is 3D Scanning?

Schemmer performs a scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services using the Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner. This cutting edge technology shoots two million points per second and creates 360° advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging.

This 3D Building Scanning process will bring your building into the digital world, help lower life-cycle costs, and improve accuracy and collaboration.

Schemmer’s Professionals Know Technology

Schemmer’s Professionals Know Technology

Schemmer’s Strategic Business Plan states that our professional practice will “Employ cutting edge technology to facilitate the innovative design and add value for our clients.” We provide deliverables that not only enable the client to see the design come to life with 3D realism but help the entire design team better communicate, understand, and manage the project as it evolves.

We use point cloud technology to create accurate and complete 3D models of existing site conditions with the help of 3D laser scanners and drones. Point cloud technology is an invaluable resource for the visualization of complex environments such as mechanical/electrical utility rooms and central plants.

Schemmer can offer the creation of:

  • 3D visualization models
  • high-resolution drone imagery
  • point clouds
  • drainage network modeling
  • break lines
  • digital elevation models tailored specifically to the use of Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) systems

Schemmer utilizes reality capture in:

  • Architecture
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering disciplines

We are using terrestrial, land-based scanners, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to capture existing site conditions. Through this process, we provide a more consistent model for our designers that boasts a higher level of accuracy and is more efficiently developed.

Learn more about our Reality Capture Services

Learn more about our 3D Building Scanning Services

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