How does Reality Capture benefit the way Architectural Engineering Firms design projects?

With the help of 3D laser scanners and drones, Schemmer uses point cloud technology to create accurate and complete 3D models of existing site conditions. Point cloud technology is an invaluable resource for the visualization of complex environments such as mechanical/electrical utility rooms and central plants.

Various 2D and 3D design models can be created for use during the preliminary planning and design stages to aid the public in visualization of the proposed site and stakeholder awareness.

Some examples of services Schemmer can offer include the creation of:

  • 3D visualization models
  • high-resolution drone imagery
  • point clouds
  • drainage network modeling
  • breaklines
  • digital elevation models tailored specifically to the use of Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) systems

What is reality capture Architectural Engineering?

Schemmer Reality Capture Architectural Engineering Firms design Projects Omaha

Point cloud scan of existing equipment room with geo-located tags

Reality Capture is the digitalization of a built environment. This can be at any milestone during the design or construction process. Point clouds are 3D models stitched together in a process called registration. Cameras and/or laser scanners are used to capture this built environment. Accuracy is determined by the device used to capture and the software used to register it into a point cloud.

What's the difference between photogrammetry and point cloud?

What's the difference between photogrammetry and point cloud? Architectural Engineering Firms Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines IA

3D model generated for design and construction services

A point cloud is the 3D model generated for design and construction services. These models are dimensionally accurate and can be placed in real-world coordinates using GPS or found survey points. Photogrammetry is layering pictures together to create a mapped surface of environment similar to how we view Google Earth. This is not as accurate, but very useful in visualization and documentation of existing conditions.

Reality Capture Architectural Engineering Firms at Schemmer today

Schemmer utilizes reality capture in:

  • Architecture
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering disciplines

We are using terrestrial, land-based scanners and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to capture existing site conditions. Through this process, we provide a more consistent model for our designers that boasts a higher level of accuracy and is more efficiently developed.

Information within Schemmer’s deliverables is growing. It goes far beyond the 3D world and also ties in vital building information for Schemmer’s professionals and project stakeholders to analyze. As technology continues to change, Schemmer’s Architects and Engineers apply their expertise and passion for Reality Capture to push projects to the next level.

Schemmer’s professionals are ready to guide you through your project utilizing the latest in Reality Capture technology.

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