Remembering Our Co-Founder Eugene (Gene) Gollehon

Eugene (Gene) Gollehon

Gene Gollehon

In celebration of the life of our co-founder, Eugene (Gene) Gollehon, October 29, 1927 - September 29, 2020

Born and raised in Omaha, Neb, Eugene (Gene) Gollehon, PE, LS, was an engineer at Union Pacific Railroad, then Backlund Engineering. Gene graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business/Engineering from the University of Omaha. In 1958, he started a civil engineering and surveying firm in the breezeway of his home. In 1959, Gene invited his friend Jim Schemmer to move back to Omaha, and the firm of Gollehon & Schemmer Inc. was formed.

They quickly outgrew the breezeway and the company relocated to a commercial building near 60th & L Street. The firm became very active in the municipal engineering market and served as city engineers for Millard, Ralston, Gretna and several other communities.

Early Projects

Schemmer 1960s Project

One of Gollehon & Schemmer's early projects

During the 1960’s, Gollehon & Schemmer Inc. designed over 65 percent of the new residential subdivisions in the greater Omaha area. The company was running 10 survey crews at the time. Gollehon & Schemmer Inc. was synonymous with many of the newly formed Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SIDs).



Schemmer First Survey Vehicle

Gollehon & Schemmer's first survey vehicle was a black Volkswagen "Bug"

By the end of the company’s first decade, additional services of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as architecture, were added to expand its services and the company name was changed to Gollehon Schemmer & Associates, Inc.


In 1977, Gene formed Creative Land Consultants (CLC) as a joint venture with Gollehon Schemmer & Associates, Inc. and shortly after would sell his share of ownership to Jim Schemmer, going full-time with CLC. According to his family, Gene always had a “special place in his heart for what he started in 1959 that has evolved into The Schemmer Associates.”

As we mourn the loss of Gene and wish his family peace and healing, we are grateful for his vision and the time he committed to this great company.

Eugene (Gene) Gollehon

Co-Founders Gene Gollehon and Jim Schemmer at Schemmer's 50th Anniversary Celebration