Schemmer Announces Effective Management Training Graduates

Schemmer is pleased to announce 10 graduates from Revela Group's Effective Management Training. This training is intended to help managers identify their individualized leadership style; gain the confidence and know-how to build credibility with their team and inspire performance; create an environment that celebrates individual and team success; and find ways to develop potential of both the manager and team. Congratulations graduates! We appreciate your dedication and commitment to Schemmer!


Left to Right, Front Row: Kevin Wenninghoff, SE, Structural Engineering Manager; Brady Watson, PLS, Oklahoma Survey Manager; Matt Shimerdla, PE, Lincoln Transportation Engineering Manager; Dan Marti, PLS, Nebraska/Iowa Survey Manager; Jon Goldie, PE, Civil Construction Administration Manager

Left to Right, Back Row: Joe Binge, PE, Electrical Engineering Manager; Darin Brown, PE, Bridge Engineering Manager; Jeff Kulhanek, PE, Mechanical Engineering Manager; Konrad Broer, Building Construction Administration Manager; and Jason Teel, Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections Manager