Schemmer Gives Back & Glory House: A Story of Hope and Community


At Schemmer, a full-service architecture, engineering, and construction field services consultant, we aren’t just about designing buildings, roadways, and communities – we're about building brighter futures. Through our initiative, Schemmer Gives Back, we dedicate our expertise to non-profit organizations in need.

"Schemmer Gives Back is an initiative intended to provide services pro-bono to non-profits and organizations in need of services that really can't afford those services," said Architect Liz Stanton.

Schemmer Gives Back & Glory House: A Story of Hope and Community

Schemmer Gives Back & Glory House: A Story of Hope and Community

This year, we chose Glory House, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based organization with a powerful mission: helping individuals struggling with addiction reintegrate into society.

Glory House, founded in 1968, has witnessed decades of growth, expanding its reach to include not only men battling addiction but also women facing similar challenges. Nicki Dvorak, President of Glory House, describes their journey: "Our program is really about helping people who are struggling with addiction. It's really expanded over the past 15, 20 years."

But with this growth came growing pains. The aging facility presented concerns about safety, security, and overall functionality. Enter Schemmer Gives Back.

Schemmer Gives Back & Glory House

Our team of architects and engineers took a comprehensive approach which involved a thorough facility assessment. This process meticulously documented every issue from a failing deck to water damage and security vulnerabilities. This data, as Stanton explains, "generated a report that then the Board of Directors was able to look at and really look at what they have."

Dvorak highlights the impact of this data: "What this really enabled us to do is it provided a framework for us to start making some modifications to an improved strategic plan." This plan will prioritize critical repairs and ensure the safety of both clients and staff.

But the benefits extended far beyond just a report. Amber Bartels, Glory House's Housing Manager, speaks to the exceptional experience: "Working with Schemmer was amazing... They kept us informed along the way... They were always respectful of our property... You could tell they were really invested in what they were doing."

For Stanton, the true reward lies in the impact of our work: "When you can see tangible effects of decisions, you make that benefit others. It's a rewarding experience and makes it worth putting the time and effort in."

Bartels echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of Schemmer's contribution: "I think the best thing about this program is that with smaller nonprofits like us, a lot of times there's not things in our budgets to be able to get an assessment done like this... So having that comprehensive plan to be able to look at and identify where our priorities are... allows you to get that strategic plan together."

Building Partnerships for a Brigther Future

Schemmer Gives Back isn't just about offering free services; it's about building partnerships with a shared vision for a brighter future. Through our dedication and expertise, we've empowered Glory House to continue its vital work, transforming lives and strengthening the Sioux Falls community. This story is a testament to the power of collaboration and the ripple effect of generosity, reminding us that sometimes, the smallest acts can have the greatest impact.

Applications for Schemmer Gives Back 2024 are open now until January 22, 2024!

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