Schemmer Gives Back

Schemmer Gives Back


At Schemmer, we believe in building community both inside and outside the walls of our organization. Our work is rooted in designing with purpose, building with confidence, and is driven by service. Continuing to keep community involvement at the forefront of what we do, Schemmer is pleased to announce a new community initiative - Schemmer Gives Back.


We are accepting applications for 2023 until February 17th. Take a look at the services we can provide and then click the "Apply Now" button below! If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us.

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A preliminary design process that goes over the big ideas.

An overall assessment of the current conditions of existing site facilities and buildings. We will determine the condition of your building, recommend how to improve and maintain it, determine the cost, and how to maximize efficiency of your space.

An analysis that combines the data of an existing building/property and compares it against research. We can help you decide what to do with the property to best meet your goals and needs.

Identifying how much area is needed for each item that was listed under the programming, as well as where those items need to be. Essentially, it's making maps with the "ingredient list" until there's one map that meets all of the goals.

Marketing graphics for fundraising campaigns.

A graphical representation of what the buildings and space will look like. They are a great way to test what a particular material may look like or determine the scale of a window.

A 2-dimensional representation of how the building and site will be constructed. These drawings go through review and are needed for permits to begin any new construction.

An assessment of the condition of the current structure.

A dual effort between mechanical and electrical engineers to conduct an analysis of the building’s energy efficiency and provide recommendations on future needs.

A survey can be a thorough investigation of a property that involves the topography, easements, property lines, and any other legal information involved with the property.

Recommendations on the site’s soil properties through soil sampling and lab testing. This information is helpful to determine the building foundation and the site elements.

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