Schemmer Participates in Omaha Corporate Games

The Omaha Corporate Games kicked off competition yesterday, Thursday, September 8. The Schemmer team took second place at Top Golf, in the first of 12 events, with a total score of 3065.

Schemmer Participates in Omaha Corporate Games

Omaha Corporate Games Top Golf Team with second place trophyLeft to Right: Nate Boesch, Tracy Mumford, Paula Latham, Nate Schmidt, Rob Duvall and Anthony Pospisil

About the Omaha Corporate Games

The Omaha Corporate Games is a company-based competition, taking place in the fall, that enables and supports teamwork, company pride and corporate wellness through healthy competition. There are multiple events offered that include both competitive, non-competitive and virtual events.

The purpose of the Omaha Corporate Games is:

  • To promote physical activity, general physical fitness and volunteerism to employees of Nebraska businesses, municipalities and government entities through competitive sports and recreational events.
  • To provide companies with a platform to promote employee wellness, teamwork and instill company pride through competition in sports and recreational events.
  • To provide a perk that companies can use in recruiting/retaining employees.

The Schemmer team is excited to be off to a great start and looking forward to competing in the following events in the coming weeks:

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