Schemmer Selects 2023 Recipient of Schemmer Gives Back Program

Schemmer Selects 2023 Recipient of Schemmer Gives Back Program

The Selection Committee would like to announce the winner of the 2023 Schemmer Gives Back Initiative is Glory House based in Sioux Falls, SD!

Schemmer Selects 2023 Recipient of Schemmer Gives Back Program - Glory House - Sioux Falls, SD

Glory House provides residential and outpatient care to individuals to treat substance abuse and mental health issues. They offer a variety of programs that range from Drug and Alcohol abuse to counseling. Patients stay at Glory House facilities until they finish their program and can transition back to individual living.

All these programs are offered free of charge. Patients receive the treatment they need in a compassionate manner and get the resources they need. Glory House also provides affordable housing and a sober living environment for those in need.

Given the nature of the treatment that is needed, the organization needs facilities that can provide the best quality of service to the patients. Their current facilities can provide treatment for about 70 clients leaving a lot of patients on the waiting list.

"Our waitlist averages 60 days to get into treatment, which is too long to wait for someone who wants and needs help. This project will support the mission of the agency by decreasing the wait time for placement through utilizing space more efficiently," said Nicole Dvorak, President of Glory House.

"Using our design skills, Schemmer will be able to provide an assessment of their current facilities and identify where space could be better used for their mission," said Civil Engineer Ana Hanke.

The Selection Process

Selecting an organization wasn’t easy. All the organizations that applied provide great services and assistance to our communities.

"I think at the end, the selection committee chose Glory House because they valued their mission and provide a great impact to our community. We all met with Nicki, Amber, and Kelli and you can tell how much they care for this organization and the programs they provide," Hanke said.

We have multiple offices at Schemmer and we are excited to be working with our Sioux Falls community. Our team is ready to assist Glory House and help them continue their mission.


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