Schemmer solutions make big impact for Lincoln drivers

Lincoln Journal Star | October 17

Editorial, 10/17: Small tweaks have big impact

The infamous intersection of 14th Street, Warlick Boulevard and Old Cheney Road in Lincoln, Neb., has been a troublesome area with poor traffic flow for drivers, which Public Safety Director, Tom Casady, calls the "Bermuda Triangle."

Mayor Chris Beutler, shut down the multimillion-dollar reconstruction plans, which included adding a roundabout or an overpass to solve the problems. Schemmer recommended using a phased approach that will temporary alleviate the congestion and fender bender issues until the intersection is reconstructed in the future.

According to Lincoln Journal Star, traffic flowed much more smoothly after, "city workers painted new stripes on Warlick and replaced a stop sign with a yield sign on southbound turn lanes from Warlick to 14th Street," which makes merging easier and safer for drivers.

"The application of 50 bucks worth of paint will have a dramatic impact in reducing the number of rear-end collisions," predicted Casady.

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