Schemmer Sponsors NeighborWorks Lincoln Opening Doors Breakfast

Becoming a first-time homeowner is not easy – and not possible for many – due to rising costs, a limited supply of affordable housing and the long-term commitments and complexities that come along with buying your first home.

Established in 1986, NeighborWorks Lincoln is on a mission to change those first-time homeowner challenges. They are working with local government agencies to identify vacant, condemned properties to purchase using a variety of funding sources along with providing down payment assistance, tools and training opportunities for first-time homebuyers.

NeighborWorks Lincoln

Schemmer Sponsors NeighborWorks Lincoln Opening Doors Breakfast

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, NeighborWorks Lincoln held its annual Opening Doors Breakfast at the Cornhusker Hotel, attended by over 300 people. Schemmer was a proud sponsor of the event and hosted a table that included Schemmer’s:

  • Pat Birch, AIA
  • Tracy Mumford
  • Doug Holle, PE
  • Michael Sinclair, AIA
  • Matt Shirmerdla, PE

Also attending the event was Schemmer’s Ann Hirschfeld, Board of Directors Secretary of NeighborWorks Lincoln. Pat Birch was called upon to share her story on the importance of NeighborWorks Lincoln and what the organization means to her.

Schemmer's Pat Birch, AIA

Schemmer's Pat Birch“I support NeighborWorks Lincoln because they are making a difference – a significant difference. No one else in Lincoln is doing what this organization is doing," said Birch.

Pat went on to say, “NeighborWorks provides a path to homeownership to those in our community who would otherwise be challenged to participate in this American dream. Perhaps most of us in this room also had this dream and have achieved it. A home to call your own changes lives – the lives of individuals, of parents and of children, for generations to come. It makes a difference. With each new or renovated home, NeighborWorks is combating the decline of our city’s urban core, our old neighborhoods.

They are improving – and reinvigorating – the appearance and the life of neighborhoods through thoughtful design which is built to last – whether it’s a new development or a single home. As an architect who cares about the design of our environment, what NeighborWorks is doing is powerful and enduring. It is developing a sense of pride of place; it’s developing community. This makes a difference. Through these efforts, neighborhoods in our city’s core are becoming stronger, safer and more stable. This is what makes me proud of Lincoln – to live in a community that cares.  NeighborWorks is improving our neighborhoods; they are improving our city. They are building homes which improves lives. And, in so doing, they are making a profound and lasting difference.”

To learn more about NeighborWorks Lincoln and how you can help revitalize neighborhoods and support homeownership please go to

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