Schemmer Receives USACE Laboratory Validation

Schemmer Receives USACE Laboratory Validation

Schemmer’s geotechnical laboratory has once again received the United States Army Corp of Engineers’ (USACE) validation. Congratulations to our Geotechnical and Construction Materials Testing staff for their hard work and meticulous record keeping, which enables our firm to continue to hold this important validation.

The firm has held the USACE validation for more than a decade, enabling us to provide proof to government and private clients that Schemmer’s laboratory provides accurate and reliable soil investigations and construction materials testing sevices.

Schemmer_Geotechical Laboratory USACE CertifiedConstruction Materials Testing Services Laboratory Accreditation

Every commercial laboratory requires an accreditation in order for clients to be assured the provided test results meet industry standards. There are several commercial entities that a geotechnical laboratory can be accredited with. Each of these entities use similar criteria that the laboratory must pass in order to meet the minimum requirements of accreditation. These include:

  • being part of uniform sample test programs,
  • maintaining proper records on employee training,
  • equipment calibration and maintenance, and
  • maintaining proper test protocols.

USACE Laboratory Accreditation Program

Schemmer carefully reviews the available accreditation entities and continues to use the USACE laboratory accreditation program. This program allows our laboratory to perform work for projects on Federal lands for private contractors and work directly for the USACE. Other accreditation programs may use the same criteria but without the USACE laboratory accreditation, cannot perform work on Federal lands or for the USACE.

In addition to performing standardized tests for uniform sample programs and keeping files of proper laboratory records throughout the year, the Corps reevaluates and validates each laboratory after a three-year period. The validation process consists of an on-site audit completed by a team of Corps personnel to perform a physical review of:

  • laboratory records,
  • visual observation of equipment, and
  • visual observation of technicians performing key laboratory tests.

The site visit typically requires one to two days with the assistance of two Schemmer laboratory personnel to complete.

Schemmer’s Construction Materials Testing Services

Schemmer is proud to provide our clients with experienced and certified personnel who can handle any of your geotechnical and construction materials testing needs in our USACE-certified laboratory. Our staff is experienced in determining properties of soil, rock and underground water, as well as their relation to design, construction, support and operation of engineering projects.

Our professionals offer you:

  • Experts in this highly specialized field
  • In-house laboratory and testing equipment
  • Laboratory certified by USACE
  • Laboratory certified by Nebraska Department of Transportation
  • Laboratory procedures certified by Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Use of “best practices”
  • Calibrated equipment
  • Certified technicians

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