Schemmer Utilizes Real-Time Rendering and Virtual Reality to Assist in Design Decisions

Have you ever been out on a sun-soaked patio so hot you could fry an egg? In a business setting, terraces are typically there for employees to take a break. A minute to relax and get some fresh air. But when those sun rays are beating down on you it may not be the breath of fresh air you were looking for. Why put a terrace on your building, designed as a gathering place for professionals, that is too uncomfortable to use? One of our clients came to us with a problem: How can we design a south-facing, upper-level terrace that would provide enough shade to be comfortable during the spring, summer and fall seasons?

Technology Based Design Decisions

At Schemmer, we use real-time rendering and virtual reality tools to help our clients make design decisions. These visualization tools allow us to collaborate with our clients and provide instant feedback on the design.

Our goal is to always find the best solution for the client while addressing their concerns. We can put clients into their virtual designs and give them the ability to see what it will look like and how it will function, enabling them to make the right decisions for their project, the first time.

For the question posed to us on the terrace problem, Schemmer utilized these technology tools and our designers were able to provide multiple iterations and analyze shadows and heat maps quickly to compare designs. We were able to work with the canopy consultant to create a space that would be comfortable for building occupants during the warmer months.

Let Schemmer designers help you make informed decisions through analysis and visualization with our technology design decisions tools. We help ensure your project will be efficiently completed, the right way.

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