Schemmer Volunteers for Susan G. Komen Great Plains Race for the Cure

A BIG thanks to all of the Schemmer employees and their family/friends who helped, donated time and/or participated to assist Komen Great Plains this past year and with the Komen Race for the Cure held on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

The Schemmer crew set up tables, chairs and tents for outdoor water stations on the course, the fruit and water station at the finish line, the outdoor activities in Lot 27 and the setup and removal of the large inflatable starting line arch. Schemmer volunteers included Loras Klostermann, Dawn Kirchert and her two daughters, Lexi and Lily, Tim Conway and his wife Carmel, Tony Bruckner, Ray Flock, Mason Bee, Kevin Kittridge, Ryan Thompson, Jon Goldie and Rob McClenahan. These volunteers not only donated their personal time, but some also donated the use of their personal vehicles to move materials across the race course. Everyone worked hard and safely to perform these activities and their time and energy are greatly appreciated.