Schemmer Young Professionals (SYP) Volunteer for Keep Omaha Beautiful


Schemmer Young Professionals (SYP) volunteered for a Trail Cleanup Program on June 6th through Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc., “working for over 50 years with litter reduction, beautification and environmental education.” SYP volunteers split into two groups on the Big Papio Trail from Dodge Street to West Center Road collecting seven bags of trash along the2.69-mile stretch. SYP attendees included Matt Rasmussen, Josh Murphy, Molly Macklin, Ian Plummer, Tregan Albers and Brooke Claxton.

SYP is an internal group, which encourages Schemmer employees to take an active role and investment in the company by creating an environment for professional growth, while fostering leadership development; building a community of peers; mentoring; networking and involvement. The SYP’s ultimate goal is to support the Strategic Business Plan for Growth, Leadership, Management, Marketing and Business Development by empowering the Young Professionals of Schemmer to become active participants in these plans.