Schemmer’s 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway Project featured in The Lincoln Journal Star

The Lincoln Journal Star | June 21, 2015

"Design work on 33rd, Cornhusker project begins"

Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE | Schemmer's 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway Project

Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE

Schemmer’s 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway project was featured in the Lincoln Journal Star on June 21, 2015. Schemmer Traffic Engineer, Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE, is the project manager leading the effort.

The Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD) contracted with Schemmer and teaming partner, Felsburg Holt and Ullevig (FHU), to “reduce vehicle and train conflict at two intersections – 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway and 35th and Adams streets.”

Executive director of the RTSD, Roger Figard, calls the intersection a “huge safety liability risk,” with more than 50 trains passing through each day. Other concerns include traffic delays, burning more fuel and postponing travel.

The first phase involves studying alternatives for removal of the at-grade railroad crossings at the intersections, such as an underpass or overpass, and identifying funding sources. The RTSD plans to pay for at least half of the costs, but state, federal and railroad funding could also help.

Schemmer and FHU will promote community involvement and support by hosting stakeholder meetings, one-on-one meetings with property and business owners, as well as anyone affected by the project. The key component is to involve the public from the ground up to avoid potential roadblocks later on in the process.

After the initial feasibility study is completed, City senior engineer and project manager, Kris Humphrey, says environmental and preliminary project design work will follow.

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