Schemmer’s Construction Administration Services, Taking the Burden off Our Clients

Delivering peace of mind has been a trait of Schemmer since our inception. And providing Construction Administration services is a clear demonstration of that commitment. We handle the day-to-day issues and observations and provide continual communication and progress updates to quickly resolve issues and minimize project delays.

Our professionals offer a cost-effective observation process with contractors and owners, and coordination with public and private clients.

What is Construction Administration?

Construction Administration entails construction phase coordination and administrative services provided by:

  • architects,
  • engineers, or
  • construction professionals.

It includes providing:

  • observe and report progress,
  • monitor quality of work,
  • review progress status and report on schedule compliance,
  • review request for information (RFI) and provide clarifications,
  • shop drawing submittal review,
  • review contractor’s application for payment,
  • preparation of change orders and,
  • other administrative services included in the agreement with the client.

Construction Administration Services Schemmer

Konrad Broer, Schemmer's Building Construction Administration Manager, said, "The primary function of the Construction Administrator is to be a good steward of the client’s funds. The Construction Administration Department works to shepherd the project through to final completion once the ground has been broken. This involves regular site visits to verify conformance with the Contract Documents, attendance at progress meetings, reviewing Applications for Payment, processing paperwork, and more. The role utilizes a variety of skill sets and knowledge in more than just a single discipline of construction, becoming a Jack-of-All-Trades."

Schemmer's Construction Administration, Taking the Burden off Our Clients

We offer you in-depth experience in construction techniques and management, enhanced communication with clients and contractors, and scheduled on-site project observation throughout the construction process. Construction processes are complex and the need to maintain quality is vital. Our third-party observation process has proven invaluable to clients responsible for financing.

"As a Construction Administrator since 2001, I approach the position knowing that a successful construction project is highly dependent on the team members’ ability to work together toward a common goal. I have administered projects in the educational, healthcare, commercial, government, military and industrial markets, each with its own set of challenges and complexities. The Construction Administration role requires goal-oriented teamwork," said Broer.

Schemmer's Construction Administration Services, Taking the Burden off Our Clients

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